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Adrienne dove headfirst into a daily yoga practice shortly after her son was born in 2006. She gained her RYT certification at Cityoga School of Yoga and Health in 2012 and has enjoyed teaching ever since. She extended her education under the loving guidance of Marsha Pappas in Yoga for Stress Management, Somatics, and Nidra acknowledging the powerful healing effects yoga has on the brain and how beneficial it is for the nervous system in reducing stress, relieving anxiety and depression, promoting better digestion and sleep, inspiring a more positive connection to the self and others.


In 2014, after sustaining injuries from a car accident which temporarily left Adrienne unable to practice as she was accustomed, she settled into a daily Yin practice. This pivotal point in Adrienne’s life forced her to look into the depths of slow, deliberate movement, meditation, and pranayama as healing sources. She fell in love with a more passive approach to the body, recognizing the lengthy benefits of a well balanced fitness regimen.

“Moving slowly on the mat is smart, strong. The body requires time to accept the suggestion of a shape & find alignment specific to your unique body. Giving yourself time in a pose or a transition not only allows you the space necessary to reestablish breath control, it enables you to strengthen what is needed and soften what is not, facilitating a full-spectrum connection to your practice and a deeper balance within.”




There’s no one word to describe Adrienne’s teaching style, because it’s the perfect blend of athleticism and mindful movement. It is rare to leave a class feeling both strong and powerful, yet calm and peaceful, but that’s the gift she gives to her students.
- Rachel Hill Ponko, 4 years old
I’ve been regularly attending Adrienne’s classes now for about two years, and I am totally in love with her style and energy. A skilled teacher is able to weave both the physical and spiritual elements of yoga together to create a moving and meaningful class for the student, and that is exactly what Adrienne does.  She also pays attention to the details like the music and the lighting, which are oh so important to people like me who are seeking a holistic experience when I walk into the classroom.
- Joshua Henson
Adrienne’s attention to all of her students postures makes each and every one feel like she is instructing the class just for them individually.  Through the wisdom, whether her own insights or quotes from other masters, Adrienne shares during instruction, she guides her students’ minds in harmony with the energies of their bodies to bring true balance to their practice.
- Kristin Lawson